30 Poems (April 12)

THis is posted late…. but I wrote it on the 12th…

I can’t write thirty poems
about the guy I lost
who never really wanted me
where heartache was the cost
but the truth it haunts me daily
i’m up late every night
i just can’t get over you
this isn’t black and white.


Unsaid (April 12)

The sheets tangled perfectly
around us as we tangled in each other.
I never doubted your sincerity
or the look in your eyes
before you kissed me.
I loved you
with every thing I had.
It all ended.
And the words stayed
on my lips
unable to reach you.

Caught Up in You(April 10)

I don’t usually write anything with my poems, but today, I wanted you to know that I was trying to follow the prompt. I like the theory of an un-love poem, but I will probably drift from the official prompt because I don’t follow the rules well.

I fall for you
every time i see you
the same way i’d fall in quicksand
or a pothole
or gracelessly into a swimming pool

I get caught up in your eyes
and find myself staring
into the sun,
the burn is uncomfortable.

But mostly I miss you.
The same I miss getting a cavity filled
or taking a swift kick to the balls.

I promise I love you.
Like I love spiders and oatmeal
blizzards and humidity
and throwing up.

No Poem Yet…

So it’s day 10 and I’ve been 50 % successful so far. I’m still hoping to put out 30 poems for April so over the next few days, I will be playing catch up. So if anyone is out there reading…. they’re coming, I promise.

Dreaming (April 5)

I fell asleep dreaming
Of you loving me
Woke to the nightmare
That was reality
I was alone
And you were long gone
Loving another
A new day, a new dawn
And I cried in anguish
My soul was so lost
For you’d slipped through my fingers
At a much higher cost
Now I dream of you
Each night and each day
Pretending our romance
Is love’s only way


You and Me

There sits in my memory
Visions of you and me
And that time all alone
You picking at your guitar
Plucking the strings of my heart
Strumming along.
And I get that faraway look in my eye
Wishing on shooting stars
And holding out hope.
But love it is a funny thing
Burning down everything
And scarring my heart
And we would never find happiness
Ruining everything
With one little kiss

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Pennies from heaven
pennies for thoughts
pennies for hearts
all tied up in knots
Nickels for love
and pennies for hate
change doesn’t matter
when it comes to fate
Nickels and dimes
can shine like the stars
while you and i find love
in a corner dive bar
Blue pools are my conquest
your eyes, like the sea,
i’m caught staring back
but you were looking at me.
Pennies for heartbreak
pennies for lust
pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters,
here’s to change or bust.

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No poetry comes to me
I’m void and broken
basically empty.
A millions questions in my mind
but there’s no answers
to seek or find.
I want a love, pure and true
but my heart always
belonged to you.
I hope to make it out alive
but if I don’t
you’ll find the knives
with which I left the fatal mark
and from this earth
I did depart.


Not Broken (April 1)

Tears dry before they hit the floor
I promised not love you anymore
But promises are said to break
another lie, so much at stake.

Nothing changes, all in past
Moving on, much too fast
I watch the girls come and go
You break my heart, all for show

truth is, you’d have one more chance
what i’d give for one more dance
broken hearts can sometimes mend
Sometimes they’re not broken, just bent.